I've loved Kauai since the day I first visited. Sure I love where I live full time, but every time I run to the islands I threaten to never go home again. There is something magic about Hawaii and more so about Kauai and my spot on the Northshore - Princeville.

Maybe the air is actually different. It certianly seems that way. Or maybe its just because the breeze is always loaded with the smell of flowers and a nip of salt. Or could it be the ever present Napali (cliffs) that tower behind the entire resort.

Speaking of Princeville Resort if you love to golf, or undertake a hundred other activities there isn't a better place in my book. So on one hand you have wonderful things to do and shops to shop and restaurants to dine in.

But on the other you can just sit and relax or read and box and take in the peace and quiet of the place. That is why we bought and outfitted this marvelous Hawaiian Villa. To get away but to enjoy it all.

Please come stay with us. You will love it as much as we do.